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Hello and welcome to the 24th edition of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR). As a practitioner and security architect, I read reports like this hoping to
understand the landscape a little better with the takeaway of practical advice about how to use that knowledge to defend and protect organizations more effectively.



Powerful forces are reshaping the retail banking and payments industry. Customer expectations, technological capabilities, regulatory requirements, millennial demographics and new FinTech startups are converging to create an imperative for change. Banks need to get ahead of these challenges and retool if they want a win in the next era. 
Banks must not only implement today's imperatives, but also radically innovate and transform themselves for the future. 



The global healthcare industry is transforming at a pace never seen before due to factors such as legislation, declin­ing reimbursements and technological innovations. We are seeing a burst of innovation across multiple disciplines, including genomics, biotechnology, robotics, remote and connected care, internet of things or loT, clinical data inte­gration and more. The impact of these breakthroughs will be profound.



The top four Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) management software competitors in terms of market share – Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Teradata – represented 85.3% of the overall data warehouse management software revenues, with Microsoft showing the largest growth amongst these at 9.7% (2013-2014).i By way of this intense competition and with vendors offering preconfigured hardware plus software appliance solutions.



We’re in the midst of a fevered period of hype about how artificial intelligence will shape the future of work.

But, as Nigel Duffy, Global AI Innovation Leader at EY, says: “while there is a lot of noise regarding AI, there’s been a lack of in-depth discussion and analysis of how
it’s actually going to transform businesses.”