Our purpose is to guide our clients through a cross-organisational process designed to free your data. Establishing a cohort of data citizens who trust and can use the data to optimize their portfolio of expertise. Thereby energising your business and allowing you to pivot on demand to unlock a potent competitive advantage. Something you’d want - right? 

Our Story

Our purpose is founded on these three basic imperatives – Reliability, Credibility and Capability.  Our mantra stretches across the length and breadth of our business from our service offering, our partner qualification process to the KPI’s that our staff aspire to.

Reliability that promotes consistency, confidence, dependability and ultimate results in our customers having a deep sense of comfort that their needs will be fulfilled. Credibility, knowledge and know-how accumulated over the years in the industry ensure you receive unparalleled advice and best of breed solutions ensuring the maximisation of your existing assets and future investments.

Our capability when it comes to planning, building and implementing your data strategy is unsurpassed and gives you the peace of mind that your processes will be well governed, compliant and fit for purpose yet forward thinking.

We are part of the Knowledge Integration Dynamics Group

The Knowledge Integration Dynamics Group is a private group of companies providing expert consulting, professional services and technologies in the Southern African region. With the head office in Johannesburg and satellite offices in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria.


Our wide understanding has developed since 1999 and offer many hundreds of years of combined experience in the business intelligence and mobile data fields.

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