Master Data Management

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Training: Master Data Management

Master data is a collection of key objects, around which the business processes of an enterprise can be modeled and analyzed. Master data can include structured data elements, such as commonly used entities, attributes, hierarchy definitions, and some unstructured data elements such as business rules.

Sharing data and relating it to other data is also a challenge when the organization does not know its master data and the meta data associated with master data, and does not understand the relationship between meta data and information intelligence.

This course will provide you with concepts, techniques and approaches to building a master data management program for your organization, and will provide a plan for implementing master data management throughout your enterprise. The workshop is built around actual case studies of an organization interested in developing and implementing a master data management program.

Who Should Attend?

  • Data architects

  • Enterprise architects

  • Data administrators

  • Database administrators

  • Database designers

  • Systems analysts

  • Business analysts

  • Project managers

  • IT professionals

What You Will Learn

  • The importance of master data management to the improvement of business information sharing and process alignment

  • The concepts and principles of master data management

  • How to scope out current and future project phases

  • The process of creating a master data management program

  • The key roles in a master data management organization, including data and meta data stewardship

  • Principles and practices in meta data and data governance through master data management

  • Issues, concerns and solutions to master data management and its implementation

Duration: 3 Days

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