Basic Modeling

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Training: Basic Modeling

We'll be looking at the different methods of modeling used today and how to apply them. Our focus will change later to focus on the Ralph Kimball methodology of Multidimensional schema design. We will look at the various normal forms, keys, tables and relationships. This knowledge will be applied in a practical exercise. The latter part of the training will focus on some advance challenges we face.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for Business Intelligence or Data warehousing program managers, project managers and Data architects. Anyone who participates in making architecture and methodology decisions for data warehousing and business intelligence.

What You Will Learn

  • Different schemas, Conceptual, Logical and Physical

  • Fact tables, Aggregate tables

  • Dimension tables and type of dimension tables

  • Business intelligence applications, uses and users

  • Different keys, surrogate keys etc.

  • Relationships, including many to many relationships

  • How to identify business and technical drivers for the project

Duration: 1 Day

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