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    ITBusiness is a member of the KID GROUP of companies, for more goto www.kidgroup.co.za

    ITBusiness provides business consulting and technical delivery around various Business Intelligence (BI) Methodologies and Technologies. We are a people centred business and as such operate with a philosophy of ensuring customer delivery and satisfaction, coupled with individual personal growth.

    First and foremost, value must be delivered to the customer. Thus resources with the correct business, technical and personal attributes are selected.

    Secondly, customer projects are chosen that would provide a challenging and enjoyable experience for our team members.

    BI is Business Information and Business Analyses within the context of key business processes that lead to decisions and actions. BI combines products, technology, and methods to organise key information that management needs to improve business performance.

    It involves business information and analysis that are:
    • Used within a context of key business processes.
    • Support decisions and actions.
    • Lead to improved business performance

    To be able to accomplish this we need:
    • Alignment of the BI strategy with business strategy
    • Sound methodology
    • Sound technology

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